Amit Werber

Sr. Product Manager, CodeMonkey

Amit Werber is Product Manager and UX lead at CodeMonkey Studios, a company that teaches kids to code in real programming languages through games and playful activities.

She has worked in the tech industry for 10 years, gaining experience with a wide variety of startups in many fields (cyber security, sports, dev-ops solutions, entertainment and more) in New York, San Francisco and Tel Aviv.

Amit earned her BFA at The Cooper Union’s School of Art in New York, a diverse and powerful experience, that left her with a passion for critical thinking and multidisciplinary work.

She believes empathy is the most important tool in the UX tool box, one that allows people to understand others and expand one's horizons beyond their personal perspective.

Amit Werber at 2019 Conference

June 7th 2021

At Jerusalem: Where Tech Meets Design's flagship conference, Designing | Engineering the Future 2019, Amit Werber, Senior Product Manager at CodeMonkey, spoke about...

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