Eyal Fried

Cognitive Researcher, Interaction Designer, Entrepreneur, Educator

Eyal is a lecturer and researcher at the Master's Program in Industrial Design at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, and the founding director of the Design and Technology track.

Eyal's interests and expertise lie in the domains of Human-Machine Interaction (Brain-Machine in particular), Cognitive and Affective Computing, and the impact of design on science and the human condition.

Eyal is the co-founder of Bee3ee - a smart reading platform for Dyslexics, Acclair - a Neuro-experience consultancy, OpenInvo - an open innovation platform and involved with several bio-medical startups as a project leader and consultant. He has researched, lectured, presented and exhibited in several prominent academic institutions, conferences and museums worldwide.

Eyal Fried at 2019 Conference

June 16th 2021

At Jerusalem: Where Tech Meets Design's flagship conference, Designing | Engineering the Future 2019, Eyal Fried, Cognitive Researcher, Interaction Designer,...

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