Inbal Halperin Gottesman

Jerusalem Ecosystem Manager, Start-Up Nation Central

Inbal is the Jerusalem Ecosystem Manager at Start-Up Nation Central.

Born and raised in Jerusalem, Inbal brings her passion for the city to her career as both a Tech and Social Entrepreneur. She works across sectors with people, communities, and organizations to strengthen their capacity and achieve their goals.

Prior to joining SNC, Inbal was the Marketing and Operations Director at StellarNova, a company that creates gender balanced STEM products. She has managed numerous international conferences for young leadership such as the ROI Summit, she was the Community and Partnerships Coordinator at New-Spirit NGO, and was one of the leaders of the 2011 Israeli Social Protest Movement. She is passionate about Impact and Diversity and is the co-founder of the Open Holidays festival in Jerusalem and a founding member of the TOM:Tikkun-Olam-Makers community.

Inbal holds a BA in Psychology and Social Justice, as well as an MA in Organizational Consulting and Life Coaching.
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