Yossi Klar

CEO, New Spirit

Yossi was born to a Hasidic family in Jerusalem. At the age of 10, his family relocated to New York where they lived for several years. The experience caused Yossi to realize how closed off his Israeli community was. Upon his return to Israel, he realized he could no longer identify with the extreme worldview in which he was raised, and decided he would eventually leave the Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) world.

Together with his new outlook came an urge to fight for his vision of a better society. As part of his commitment to improve Israeli society, Yossi served in the IDF’s Haredi Integration Unit, which was responsible for writing the new Haredi draft bill.

As a civilian, Yossi volunteered as the spokesperson of the political movement Hitorerut, and worked tirelessly alongside his associates to improve the quality of living for all residents of Jerusalem. In 2015, Yossi helped create “The Israeli Cartoon Project,” a public diplomacy initiative that recruited dozens of cartoonists from Israel and abroad to combat the BDS movement. While he was co-founding TICP, Yossi was already volunteering with Out for Change, a nonprofit that offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to assisting people who choose to leave the Haredi lifestyle. Starting as a spokesperson, Yossi later assumed a senior position within the organization. Today Yossi is the CEO of New Spirit Jerusalem, an organization that aspires to strengthen Jerusalem and turn it into an inspirational capital city.
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