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Redesigning Healthcare

July 20th 2021 13:00 (IST)


How can we apply design thinking to the healthcare sector?

Tech Meets Design and the Jefferson Health Design Lab have partnered to tackle this exact question.

We will hear from leading medical, health, and design experts from the U.S. on how to best uncover insights from users, rapidly prototype solutions, and create better health outcomes by realizing the power of design.

Following the panel, the Health Design Lab will facilitate a small workshop for a select group of start-ups. This highly interactive session will be custom designed for the selected start-ups and will include a Q&A with the speakers, interviews with end-users, and feedback sessions.

Click here for the blogpost written about the event.

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Design, Tech and Wellbeing in the New Digital Age

December 9th 2020 16:00 - 17:00


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the global transformation to a new digital age, and with it, immense challenges to and opportunities for our wellbeing.


The intersection of technology, wellbeing and design is breeding innovative technologies that will revolutionize the post-coronavirus world.


Join us to hear from psychiatrist, bestselling author and entrepreneur, Dr. Nina Vasan. Her talk will be followed by a panel of investors and start-up founders, who will explore what investors are really looking for in emotional wellbeing start-ups.

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