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Staying Sane in a Remote World: The Future of Health

June 9th 2020 19:30


Health is no doubt the hottest topic for 2020. But how will the Covid-19 pandemic change the way we think and practice healthcare? What is the future of medical innovation?


The Future of Health will explore with tech and design industry leaders how our health care will look in the post-COVID-19 era.


Innovators and designers are busy imagining how our lives, our work, our healthcare, will all look once we revert to the New Normal.


Staying Sane in a Remote World” is a three-part series that brings leading voices from the tech and design sectors together in conversation.

Webinar Recording

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Prof. Ran Balicer

Prof. Ran Balicer

Chief Innovation Officer, Clalit Health Services

Prof. Ran Balicer is Director of Innovation for Clalit - Israel's largest healthcare organization as well as the Founding Director of the Clalit Research Institute. Balicer is a Professor at the Ben-Gurion University School of Public Health. He serves as Chair of the Israeli Society for Quality in H...
Mika Gdalevich

Mika Gdalevich

Design Lead and Creative Director, Tyto Care

Mika is the Design Lead and Creative Director at Tyto Care, a medical device and platform than allows patients to perform a full medical exam from home. Mika has over 10 years of experience with interaction design, user experience, and digital product design. Mika has an M.Des in industrial design f...
Talia Cohen Solal

Talia Cohen Solal

Co-Founder and CEO, Genetika+

Talia spent 13 years studying the mechanisms of mental illness at Oxford, UCL and Columbia Universities. She then moved into the industry to become Principle Scientist at a White-House Endorsed early-stage company, developing personalized medicine tools for rare-genetic diseases. In 2018 she founded...

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