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Cover of Tech Meets Design's flagship conference Designing Engineering the Future

Designing | Engineering the Future 2019

June 13th 2019
Designing | Engineering the Future – the flagship conference of Tech Meets Design – offers a full day of high caliber, thought-provoking talks for designers...

Redesigning Healthcare

Webinars July 20th 2021
How can we apply design thinking to the healthcare sector? Tech Meets Design and the Jefferson Health Design Lab have partnered to tackle this exact question. We will...
Cartoon of woman meditating while juggling work and life activities

Design, Tech and Wellbeing in the New Digital Age

Webinars December 9th 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the global transformation to a new digital age, and with it, immense challenges to and opportunities for our wellbeing.   The...
Cover of Tech Meets Design The Future of Health webinar

Staying Sane in a Remote World: The Future of Health

Webinars June 9th 2020
Health is no doubt the hottest topic for 2020. But how will the Covid-19 pandemic change the way we think and practice healthcare? What is the future of medical...
Cover of Tech Meets Design The Future of Human Interaction webinar

Staying Sane in a Remote World: The Future of Human Interaction

Webinars June 2nd 2020
How will human interaction look like in the near future? How will we interact with one another if physical meetings are no longer an option?   Industry leaders will...
Cover of Tech Meets Design The Future of Work webinar

Staying Sane in a Remote World: The Future of Work

Webinars May 26th 2020
The Future of Work will explore with tech and design industry leaders what work will look like in the post-COVID-19 era.   Innovators and designers are busy...
Save the Date: Design for Access - the Role of Design in Inclusive Tech

Design for Access

Meetups February 24th 2020
The Design for Access event will highlight the fields of assistive tech, inclusive design, and silver-tech. Featured speakers will share insights into how their products...
Invitation to Med Meets Design

Med Meets Design

Meetups November 19th 2019
Med Meets Design brings together entrepreneurs from the city’s flourishing medtech sector and its vibrant design community, to explore the nexus point between these...
Invitation to Beresheet - The Journey to Space

Beresheet: The Journey to Space

Meetups April 11th 2019
Spacecraft Landing: Live updates and TED-style talks on designing the journey to space
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