Innovation on Location: RehabTech

Led by Start-Up Nation Central, Jerusalem: Where Tech Meets Design presents Innovation on Location, a series of videos showcasing Jerusalem-based startups and unique local venues. This episode focuses on RehabTech, highlighting startup BrainQ and venue ALYN Hospital.

Startup: BrainQ

BrainQ is pioneering a life-changing breakthrough therapy for reducing disability following stroke. The company’s novel platform maps brain network activity using explanatory machine learning algorithms to extract biological insights that translate into precision therapy for promoting neurorecovery. The therapy is delivered via a non-invasive medical device that is patient-centric and designed for portable treatment. BrainQ aims to provide a home-based recovery solution for stroke victims that enhances the neurorecovery potential and enables them to return to normal life.

BrainQ recently announced encouraging study results for new therapy to reduce disability after stroke.

Yaron Segal – Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

With established and notable expertise in atmospheric sciences, Yaron Segal, PhD, was driven by his son’s diagnosis of Familial Dysautonomia to develop BrainQ’s protocols and pioneered the founding of the company. As CINO and Co-founder of BrainQ, Yaron leads the continued development of the device’s protocols and neuroscience research.


Venue: ALYN Hospital

ALYN Hospital is acknowledged worldwide as a premier hospital specializing in pediatric rehabilitation. It is the only facility of its kind in Israel. ALYN’s reputation in diagnosing and rehabilitating infants, children and adolescents with physical disabilities, both congenital and acquired, is meticulous. The children treated at ALYN come from Israel and abroad. The hospital welcomes all patients regardless of religion or nationality. ALYN is fortunate to have a multidisciplinary team providing a wide range of medical services, paramedical therapies and additional state-of-the-art rehabilitation services.  ALYN is a center of research and teaching for professionals training in the field of pediatric rehabilitation.

ALYN staff members include physiotherapists, hydrotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists. Throughout their rehabilitation process the children and their families receive support and guidance from ALYN’s nursing staff, social workers and psychologists. It is the right of every child – notwithstanding the challenges with which they have been presented – to achieve the best possible quality of life. ALYN’s holistic approach, incorporating the treatment of physical symptoms, as well as taking into account the emotional and communal needs of the children and their families, has proven itself throughout the decades since ALYN was first established.

Dr. Maurit Beeri – Director General

Dr. Maurit Beeri is the Director General of ALYN Hospital Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation Center in Jerusalem. Under her leadership, ALYN Hospital, with more than 90 years of expertise, expanded its innovation and research ventures with a vision to impact globally. Previous to her current position, she served as Vice Hospital Director and Head of the Medical Day Care Rehabilitation Department at ALYN. She also heads the Multidisciplinary Clinic for Infants and Children with Feeding Disorders. Dr. Beeri is involved in promoting the concept of Cultural Competency in Health, establishing ALYN Hospital as the first culturally competent hospital in Israel. She is also involved in various health and social initiatives to promote the care rights of children with special needs, including the Early Intervention Coalition, which represents over 60 organizations and associations for children with special needs. She is a member of the National Health Committees for Pediatrics and for Rehabilitation. Dr. Beeri graduated from medical school and is a Board-Certified pediatrician, having trained at Hebrew University Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. She holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University as a Wexner Israel Fellow.


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Concept and Production: Brief.

Animation: Ori Goldberg

Partners: Start-Up Nation Central, Scale Up Velocity, Jerusalem Foundation, The Jerusalem Development Authority, Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, Jerusalem Municipality

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